*Sadārap [Sadāraf/b] of *P/Frēnag”, Ardaxšēr ī Papagān’s brother or his son, Another inscription of *Sadārap [Sadāraf] on Silver Plate in National Museum of Iran.

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Department of Ancient Iranian Culture and Languages, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies


On one of the Sasanian silver bowls in J. Paul Getty Museum (J.PGM) in the U.S.A, there has been written a Sasanian Middle Persian inscription in which Skjærvø determined a proper name as “Sadārap [Sadāraf/b] *P/Frēnag”, Ardaxšēr ī Papagān’s brother. Also, in the National Museum of Iran (NMI), there is a silver vessel on which a similar inscription has been written, it is a rare accident. This inscription, with a slight difference, introduced Sadārap as son of Ardaxšēr ī Papagān’s in this inscription, with a slight difference. In other sources, such as the inscription of Šāpuhr on Ka’ba of Zardušt (ŠKZ) the name of Abrēnag king of Sadārap is mentioned in the list of Ardaxšēr’s courtiers, although his relation with Ardaxšēr is unspecified. Both vessels are authentic.


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